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New and unique blog network, never sold before on any website.
Using domains with high-quality links from authority sites (CNN, Wikipedia, BBC, NYTimes, Forbes, etc.)


What is the quality of the blogs?
A: All our sites have high-quality links from authority sites (CNN, Wikipedia, BBC, HuffingtonPost, Forbes, NYTimes, Mashable, DailyMail, BusinessInsider, Cnet, WIRED, TechCrunch, etc.).

How many platforms do you use?

How many keywords and websites can I use?
A: You can use up to 500.

What is your TAT?
A: About 2 days.

Do you provide reports?
A: We don’t provide reports. This is done to keep our private network safe. You can track the backlinks using a service like AHREFS or Majestic SEO.

What niches are allowed?
A: All niches are allowed except adult, pharma, warez, and casino.

Can I use this on money websites?
A: Yes, you can use it on any website, but you use it at your own risk. I recommend using them as tier2.

Do you drip-feed posts?
A: Yes, we can drip-feed them from 5 to 30 days.

What kind of content do you use?
A: The content will be highly unique (over 95%). We use a unique method to combine several articles and make them unique.

Do you accept foreign keywords?
A: Yes, but we only use English articles.

Do you offer bulk discounts?
A: Yes, we do offer bulk discounts if you order a minimum of 4 packages.

Refund Policy
I will send you a full refund if I am unable to complete your work.


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